journalling from the (he)art

Reaching into all of your available resources immediately makes you a super power.

Whether those resources are people, groups, education, opportunities or your very-own-brain: spreading out into the things that can support your learning instead of flying solo will have you moving in ways you never thought you could!

That’s why dream boarding is so powerful: visual and kinesthetic learning reaches into your beautiful brain and allows for expression of desires that verbal language can’t quite articulate.

Taking dream boarding to the next level, you might want to try Art Journaling . A reflective and creative  process connects directly to your heart and turns the chaos in your head into order.

Wonder how to start? Get the how, what and why to get going here in heart journaling. It is the perfect solo or group activity over the holidays to reconnect you to what is important to you.

I would love to see some of your (he)art journaling pages: upload them and share for a super power-punch!

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