A Weekend Celebration

The last few weeks have been full of growth and movement. Lots of ‘clicking’: seeing business patterns and receiving support from friends who are super-skilled in the areas that I am crap, sitting down and being accountable to some big goals, and generally nudging things forward.

Thankfully, Canadian Thanksgiving had arrived and I was ready for a long weekend celebration!

Saturday brunch with serious eggs benny at Okanagan Street Food. From the freshly baked english muffins to the tangy and light hollandaise, it was freakishly delicious.


Moving on to Epic Friend Potluck! Super comfortable, with wine on the table and toddlers playing under it, everyone contributing their best effort to the meal, and laughing and eating for hours. (I rocked it like a Ukrainian for my contributions: perogy and cabbage rolls.)

my what pretty spartan apples you have!

Family Dinner at the Z’s. My aunt (Zia is Italian for aunt) is an incredible cook, so no potluck here. My kitchen adventure was a new recipe for apple pie made with recently picked local apples. Amazing. Music, stories and old friends and family.

Tragically, this is the Z’s favourite new song:

Holiday Monday ended in front of the fireplace with the latest episode of Downton Abbey and a new knitting project. Heaven.


This Thanksgiving I celebrated…

Connection. Collaboration. Art. Fun.

What did you celebrate this weekend?

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