Dream Boards: The Secret to Kick-ass Vision and Focus


Over the past 5 years, I have spent time each month working a dream boarding process. It’s a special time that I set aside to breathe deep and consider the things I want to bring into my life and business. An intuitive process, guided by images, words, and colours that connect with me, oftentimes I don’t completely understand the vision of the board until the month has passed.

Ohhh, all of those mountain pictures from last year meant…Aha! 

Spending time considering and connecting to the ultimate vision of your work, finances, home, art in a non-linear way helps you lean into all of your creative resources, guides your decision making and works in line with your own values.

This quick video tutorial takes you through how to create dreamboards! In this tutorial, we cover what dreamboards are and how to create your own in low tech version: using scissors, glue and old magazines.

I have moved away from scissors and glue most months and use the incredible images on Pinterest to assemble images for the month. I use Photoshop (you can try somethink like Collageit if Photoshop freaks you out) to collage the images into a screensaver.

Voila! Inspiration on your desktop!

One thought on “Dream Boards: The Secret to Kick-ass Vision and Focus

  1. Ilena Collage Maker

    Unfortunately the video is unavailable:( I wanted to learn more about dreamboards. I love Photoshop and use usually Collage Maker. Hope you’ll update the video soon. Chuss

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