go find your people

Earlier this year, I was fortunate enough (through my involvement with Digital Okanagan) to be one of the organizers for the inaugural Startup Weekend Okanagan. Reflecting back, that event is still having major rippling effects on me, my business and my community.

Being in the Okanagan for less than two years, my network had pieces of its web missing and, holy cracker smacks, was I feeling it. I missed my Toronto peeps. I missed my old colleagues. I missed being part of something bigger.

I didn’t realize it, but by committing myself to the Startup Weekend Organizing team, my roots began to grow. Connecting with the vibrant tech community locally and regionally for a weekend dedicated to building cool stuff connected me to my people. MY PEOPLE! My people are smart, creative, passionate, driven, motivated, wild and wonderful. Check out how cool they are!

So, the point I am trying to make is: you need to find your people. The ones that resonate with what you want to do, what you want to build and the impact that you want to make. The ones that are already doing it, are thinking of doing it, and have done it already.

And one way to find your people is to volunteer some of YOUR super-smarts and energy towards a cause, event, or movement. It’s out there already, or you might want to start your own.

But it’s time to leave the building and get out into the world to see what good you can do. The good you are drawn to will also draw your people.

Kick ass.

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