You are More Than a Start Up

I was re-reading Business Stripped Bare last week, and in it Richard Branson says (describing Virgin Mobile): “From the off, the business acted like a listed company – and that’s how all start-ups should try to behave.”

What if you thought of your (big ‘L’) Life as a start-up?  One based on a really great idea, with good team members, a forming vision and a clear impact?

And now treat your start-up like a listed company. What responsibilities would you have to your shareholders? How would your management team function? Where would you position your company in the market? What do customers say about you? Are there opportunities that you need to take advantage of?

How does looking at your life through this lens change the perspective about your life?

As the saying goes: it’s not personal; it’s business.

It’s the business of owning your life.

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