Quarterly Reporting Without the Zzzzz’s…

To be completely honest, the things I miss about daily corporate life are largely social: the three o’clock coffee-over-cubicles laughs, discussing current events and after-hours pints on Thursdays.

I know it’s a bit nerdy, but one thing that I love and miss is the frequency and depth of status reports. There were SOAP’s in my first management role (Summary On A Page: one page executive summary of what’s happening, reported into my bosses) and later in project management a SWOT (Strength, Weakness, Opportunity, Threat: an evaluation done during project scope and revisited throughout the project life cycle).

Having to report on progress of initiatives meant that I was sitting down with my team to get clearer than clear on state-of-the-union, these check-points were broken down into nice n’ neat little chunks of time, and then analyzed. Bi-weekly meetings, monthly conference calls, and quarterly reports [*geeky yum-filled sigh*] meant we were all on the same page about where we are today and where we were about to go.

At the end of the first (calendar) quarter of 2011, at just about the time when Q1 results are being analyzed and the next three, six and nine months are being evaluated and planned, Gunsinger Coaching has been working diligently on it’s quarterly reports for the business, and also for life spaces.

Sounds fancy, but it’s easy. We started by checking in on:

  • Where are we on key initiatives?
  • What are the hard and fast numbers?
  • What are our next level goals?
  • What opportunities do we see?
  • What are the challenges, blockages, risks?
  • Who are the team members? Are there new teammates that we can include?

Six questions: data collected and results analyzed, and suddenly planning becomes easier with a clear view of the landscape.

Could “quarterly reporting” clear up where you are and where you choose to go?

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