who you are

One of my favourite quotes is from a song by the cooler-than-cool Ben Harper (the new album is fantastico, btw) and I carry a little note with me as a reminder: “I would rather find out who you are than who you’re not.”

For me and for you, I want to take a stand: to choose to love the hell out of who we are, and to drop-kick the notions of who we should be.

Yes, this has to do with radical self-acceptance, but it also has to do with the lie of small, of not being x or y enough, of using comparisons as an excuse to not go out and get yours.

i was talking with a passionate and inspiring man about taking the next steps in his business (he knew what they were and why the steps were important) but he got hung up on what he wasn’t. Specifically: he wasn’t formally educated, a shark, and calculated and unemotional.  The things that he saw as lack compared to his competition were so much of the magic he brought to the business:
– years of experience and practice fuelled by passion.
– a heart-based business that speaks to his community.
– open ears and discussion with his customers about their needs.
– and I could go on.

I wanted to jump up and down hearing this man explain to me (a convert, a client, a fan of his art) the reasons why he felt small. He feels small, but he is changing people’s lives, creating a thriving tribe-based business, and having an impact on the world that many dream of.

So, let’s roll around in our collective and individual awesome. Why are people, projects, clients, small children and animals drawn to you? What do you really care about? What are you great at? What do you love to do?

These are the things that will define your personal and professional success. Who cares that you didn’t do laundry this week. Forget that you are not a doctor. That sometimes you need a break from your kids. Oh, and that you are not a waif.

We get it. You are human. Pssst…the rest of us might be too.

Please know this: it is not about fitting in. It is about standing up and for the big, beautiful, weird, wonderful, freak-of-nature that you are. We like that person a lot and can’t wait to see more of them.

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