purposefully nice

a little kindness goes a long way: a love note to myself.

What would happen if today you spent the day being purposefully nice to yourself? If you treated yourself like you treat your best friend: with kindness, gentleness, humour and deep love. If you treated yourself like a road trip partner, occasionally checking in to see if you are okay and if you need anything. Or even like the neighbour that you run into occasionally (the one from art class that tells great stories) and stopped to listen and really see yourself?

What if for one day, you treated yourself like a houseguest that you really adore, and went about filling your rooms with lavender and your suitcases full of jam?

Make your inside voices match your outside voices: start by being purposefully nice to yourself today.


Update: Reflections on my first full day of intentional kindness are up on my personal blog, The Living Dreamboard.

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  2. Cynthia Post author

    dear christine, thank you. i love my pink marker the most! staedtler triplus fineliners are scattered everywhere. :)

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