Coaches Confession + Magical Mornings

I am very excited to be launching into video blogging! Welcome to the very first episode!

In this episode, I mention:

The Pinterest Vision Board Desktop Wallpaper tutorials that are coming up on May 6.

Getting excellent advice from my pal Mica at Crema Communications.

Taking art classes on Mondays at New Moon Gallery.

5 thoughts on “Coaches Confession + Magical Mornings

  1. Frithjof

    Way to go Cynthia!
    Great vlog! Hey – do you want to add your Pinterest project to my “Ultimate Pinterest Post”?
    Have a great week!

  2. kate howard

    hee! it’s so fun to SEE you! and i was just thinking over the weekend, “where is that pinterest thingy cynthia was working on?” i was about to do blog diving and see if i missed a post. my mornings are so not magical. thanks for making me think more about that.

  3. Shah

    I guess my favorite kicethn story is that my youngest son thinks he taught himself to cook. Since we unschooled and did little formal schooling, we used things like cooking to learn fractions, addition, subtraction, etc. My son would pull up a chair and help cook from the time he was probably four. He thinks since we didn’t have lessons that he had to teach himself to cook. Well I try to tell him that since I cooked a lot from scratch and he was often with me while I cooked, that is how he learned how to cook. I tell him if we were a family that just warmed up TV dinners, ate from boxed mixes and ate junk food all the time then it would have been a LOT harder for him to just teach himself to cook all by himself. LOL. My mom refused to let my sister who is two years younger than me in the kicethn when we were growing up and no joke my sister did not even know how to boil water when she got married. She is an awesome cook now and she literally did have to teach herself to cook. Anyway he’s young (just 23) so I know one day he’ll come to his senses.

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