2 thoughts on “just a quick reminder

  1. Jill

    I’ve gotten pretty decent at ‘refilling the pipeline’ of good, gentle, and generous self-talk, but I did catch myself the other day regarding an area I’m having a hard time with. I was quick and ruthless, demeaning.
    But I’m grateful that I caught it– I didn’t let it slide through as if it didn’t mean anything. Because it did: in that instant I was awkward and uneasy and 15 again.
    Then I stepped up as the loving adult who derailed that bully. Now I’m aware of what triggered my self-judgment and how to halt it. If I am not my own safe haven, then where am I safe?

  2. Cynthia Post author

    Aw, right on, Jill! Good on you for catching that crap-critter and shaking the triggers out of it!

    It IS fundamentally about safety, isn’t it? Can’t feel safe with a chorus of meanies in your head. I like the idea of turning the meanies into sweeties: what could you make that meanie say that would be tooth-achingly nice? Muhahah! :)

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