nice ass (kicking)!

kick ass and celebrate

Gunsinger Coaching clients do hard work to get where they want to be. YOU do hard work to shift your life and work in ways that are more in line with who you are and the impact that you want to make.

But I am noticing a distinct lack of celebration out there. Scoffs of “How important is taking time to celebrate what seems like something so insignificant in the grand scheme of things?” and “My little movements don’t deserve celebration.”

Your little movements are EXACTLY what deserve celebration. Because they don’t come easy and they don’t come cheap. And because you will make many more, so fill up your bucket in celebration: however that looks for you!

How will you champion yourself by celebrating the work you do?

2 thoughts on “nice ass (kicking)!

  1. Cynthia Post author

    you are a smart cookie, lois. i choose to make celebrating MY successes a habit: i want a celebratory life and mindset. what habit are you choosing? *wiggles eyebrows*

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