Super Better: Jane McGonigal and Gaming to Improve Your Life

You know those special people in your life who act like messengers? Not in the “voice of the universe” kind of way (well, maybe that too), but the ones who send you seriously KICK ASS resources just because?

I have a couple of those people, and among my favourites is Shane Lawrence. Shane keeps me afloat on user technology news and events and personal development tidbits that he scours from the ends of the interwebs.

Shane is amazing, his picks are amazing and I am trying to figure out how to make him a guest columnist. (hmm..hrrr…) TBC.

This treat is a share from Shane. In this TED Talk, Jane uses gaming methodology: superheros, missions, earning points, etc. to explain her thought process through her recovery from a traumatic brain injury. Moving on, she used the same methodology to develop a game called Super Better: a game that gets you super better! Cute.

Makes me understand the gamers in my life a lot better and what a cool and effective tool!

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