your first time – the best case scenario

Newschwanstein Castle.

Your first time. The first time. The first step.

All great things start with that first step, but that first single step is often the hardest to take.

You should probably avoid it! Hide! There is always some reason why you will never have to face getting what you want.

First steps kick up gremlin-storms, bringing your brain into freak-the-fuck-out zone.

But the best news is that once you take the first step, it’s OVER! Now, you are walking. I used that mantra “one step, one bloody step, one step” all the way up the hill to Neuschwanstein, in the Bavarian Alps (pictured above).

But about Your First Time…

What if your first time [fill-in-the-blanks]-ing was exactly as you want it to be? Imagine: what would it feel like? What would it mean for you? What’s important?

Jump onto the other side of that first step and enjoy the view from the top of Mount Awesome!

Imagine: you are starting a new job. It is a great opportunity. You are really pleased to be doing this work!

…then your brain makes up the WORST case scenarios. Your colleagues might be awful. The job is not what you thought it would be. THERE ARE BATS! (errr….)

Some time before you begin to make up things about bats infesting your new basement dungeon office, stop. Think about the best case scenario. 

At the end of the first month of this new work: how do feel about your colleagues? What has been surprising? How stimulated are you by the work you are doing? What’s the energy like?

Your first time. The first time. The first step.

If you are standing before your next first step, ask yourself: what is the best case scenario? What do I really want from this?



P.S. I betcha you get it.

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