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The Best Gifts I Received This Holiday

What gifts did you love to receive

Will you join me for a little exercise in gratitude and a small drop in the happy-for-what-I-have bucket? Oh, and a final nail in the 2013 coffin too?

A part of you just wants to get the holidays + 2013 behind you. It’s a fresh start! See ya later suckas! My sugar addled body and hangry toddler temperament hear you loud and clear.

However, packing up from a month-long trip to Thunder Bay for homestead Christmas, I am feeling resistant to toss away 2013 so quickly. After my 2013 Annual Review, and while carefully packaging up the presents I received to take them safely home with me, I’m mulling:

What gifts did I really love to receive this holiday?

1. A Kiva Card

Not a big supporter of gift cards (just give ‘em the cash!), receiving a Kiva Card over the holidays, made me giddy! My gift is a micro loan that I can give to any Kiva borrower and support the startup, growing business, or vulnerable group that I want! Blowout gift!

2.Enabling Gifts

A crafty, knitting, baking, foodie-artist, I loved receiving gifts that inspire and enable those passions. A knitting bowl, scarf pattern book, must-have kitchen essentials and handmade necklace made giddy when I thought of the beautiful people who know me well and fuel my passions.

3. Consumables

Let’s be real, I lurve food and all manner of beverage. Thank you for the bottles of wine, handmade caramel, shared appetizers and holiday drinks. Yeeeeees, I shared some of those consumables.

4. Doing Stuff Together

Whether it was saying a big F.U. to sending out cards at the office and having a pizza party instead, spending the afternoon snowshoeing with my sister, or baking and sharing an unholy amount of sugary treats every day, the time that I got to spend with the people I care the most about was fantastic. More stuff, be damned! Do stuff.

5. Time 

A great gift this year was the time that I gave myself over the holidays. Haha! See what I did there? 3 weeks at home in Northern Ontario was enough to get past the hurry and sink into every-day with my parents, siblings and niblings. Some yawning days to watch movies, pile wood, and play outside worked out any residual squirrelliness and brought me back to what’s real.

So, before you throw out the tree, dump the last of the shortbread and sniff out that lingering carton of eggnog, I wonder…

What gifts did you receive this holiday that you really loved?

Tell me in the comments. And don’t say it was underwear.

Unless you got some really kick-ass gitch, or a stockpile from your mom.

A Weekend Celebration

The last few weeks have been full of growth and movement. Lots of ‘clicking’: seeing business patterns and receiving support from friends who are super-skilled in the areas that I am crap, sitting down and being accountable to some big goals, and generally nudging things forward.

Thankfully, Canadian Thanksgiving had arrived and I was ready for a long weekend celebration!

Saturday brunch with serious eggs benny at Okanagan Street Food. From the freshly baked english muffins to the tangy and light hollandaise, it was freakishly delicious.


Moving on to Epic Friend Potluck! Super comfortable, with wine on the table and toddlers playing under it, everyone contributing their best effort to the meal, and laughing and eating for hours. (I rocked it like a Ukrainian for my contributions: perogy and cabbage rolls.)

my what pretty spartan apples you have!

Family Dinner at the Z’s. My aunt (Zia is Italian for aunt) is an incredible cook, so no potluck here. My kitchen adventure was a new recipe for apple pie made with recently picked local apples. Amazing. Music, stories and old friends and family.

Tragically, this is the Z’s favourite new song:

Holiday Monday ended in front of the fireplace with the latest episode of Downton Abbey and a new knitting project. Heaven.


This Thanksgiving I celebrated…

Connection. Collaboration. Art. Fun.

What did you celebrate this weekend?

Happy Holidays from Gunsinger Coaching!

It has been a heck of a great year at Gunsinger Coaching, complete with big learnings, fun projects and, of course, hella good coaching work being done by all. I just want to take a quick moment on this sunny Sunday December afternoon to say a ginormous thank you to everyone who worked with Gunsinger Coaching this year, every single collaborator and mentor, every cheerleader and teacher.

To celebrate the holidays this year, I am personally choosing to celebrate Grinchmas! (It’s not as cranky as it sounds, at all!) If you would like to follow what’s shaking over the holidays and join in the discussion, come by my personal blog: I would be delighted to hear from you.

One other thing to note is the changes that will be coming up in December and January. Gunsinger Coaching will be expanding to include the work we do to support tech and creative businesses, so look forward to a similar look and feel, but a way bigger platform and impact. (Special thanks to Lucas Media who are supporting us in this build!)

Happy holidays, Merry Grinchmas and thank you so much for your unfailing support.