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write a letter to your 10-year-old self

Last week, I found this little video on Soul Pancake. What a precious exercise, writing a letter to 10-year-old you!

Can you remember what it was like to be 10-years-old? In Grade 4 or 5, just hurdled past multiplication tables, maybe puberty is looming on the horizon…

What does present-day you have to say to that little you? I am willing to bet you have some very interesting things that little you would have loved to hear.

Get out your crayons, sharpen your pencil and write a letter to that little you. I did!

journalling from the (he)art

Reaching into all of your available resources immediately makes you a super power.

Whether those resources are people, groups, education, opportunities or your very-own-brain: spreading out into the things that can support your learning instead of flying solo will have you moving in ways you never thought you could!

That’s why dream boarding is so powerful: visual and kinesthetic learning reaches into your beautiful brain and allows for expression of desires that verbal language can’t quite articulate.

Taking dream boarding to the next level, you might want to try Art Journaling . A reflective and creative  process connects directly to your heart and turns the chaos in your head into order.

Wonder how to start? Get the how, what and why to get going here in heart journaling. It is the perfect solo or group activity over the holidays to reconnect you to what is important to you.

I would love to see some of your (he)art journaling pages: upload them and share for a super power-punch!

Change of Seasons. Plus Free Download!

Do you have a dreaming or visioning practice? As a coach, I work with a lot of folks to just take the time to sit and take inventory of what the next big picture looks like.

That’s part of why I am such an advocate of dream or vision boarding practices. (My personal blog is even called The Living Dreamboard!)

image via creative commons


And sometimes people draw, collage, sing, and glue the things that they cannot say. These writings, collages, songs, and glue-covered things turn the chaos: all of the things running through our brains, into order.

This is my dreamboard for September: interpret it as you will. It feels light and inspiring, adventurous, playful and wise. Thank you Jamie Ridler, for reminding me September is a special month for dreaming: with two full moons.

As you get back to school and work and routine, it is a great time to check in with yourself and your goals. Even taking 15 minutes to reflect on what you would like more of in the coming month is a step in YOUR direction.

Want to download my dreamboard? I made it into desktop wallpaper for myself and thought I would share!

Happy Change of Seasons!



your first time – the best case scenario

Newschwanstein Castle.

Your first time. The first time. The first step.

All great things start with that first step, but that first single step is often the hardest to take.

You should probably avoid it! Hide! There is always some reason why you will never have to face getting what you want.

First steps kick up gremlin-storms, bringing your brain into freak-the-fuck-out zone.

But the best news is that once you take the first step, it’s OVER! Now, you are walking. I used that mantra “one step, one bloody step, one step” all the way up the hill to Neuschwanstein, in the Bavarian Alps (pictured above).

But about Your First Time…

What if your first time [fill-in-the-blanks]-ing was exactly as you want it to be? Imagine: what would it feel like? What would it mean for you? What’s important?

Jump onto the other side of that first step and enjoy the view from the top of Mount Awesome!

Imagine: you are starting a new job. It is a great opportunity. You are really pleased to be doing this work!

…then your brain makes up the WORST case scenarios. Your colleagues might be awful. The job is not what you thought it would be. THERE ARE BATS! (errr….)

Some time before you begin to make up things about bats infesting your new basement dungeon office, stop. Think about the best case scenario. 

At the end of the first month of this new work: how do feel about your colleagues? What has been surprising? How stimulated are you by the work you are doing? What’s the energy like?

Your first time. The first time. The first step.

If you are standing before your next first step, ask yourself: what is the best case scenario? What do I really want from this?



P.S. I betcha you get it.

Super Better: Jane McGonigal and Gaming to Improve Your Life

You know those special people in your life who act like messengers? Not in the “voice of the universe” kind of way (well, maybe that too), but the ones who send you seriously KICK ASS resources just because?

I have a couple of those people, and among my favourites is Shane Lawrence. Shane keeps me afloat on user technology news and events and personal development tidbits that he scours from the ends of the interwebs.

Shane is amazing, his picks are amazing and I am trying to figure out how to make him a guest columnist. (hmm..hrrr…) TBC.

This treat is a share from Shane. In this TED Talk, Jane uses gaming methodology: superheros, missions, earning points, etc. to explain her thought process through her recovery from a traumatic brain injury. Moving on, she used the same methodology to develop a game called Super Better: a game that gets you super better! Cute.

Makes me understand the gamers in my life a lot better and what a cool and effective tool!

nice ass (kicking)!

kick ass and celebrate

Gunsinger Coaching clients do hard work to get where they want to be. YOU do hard work to shift your life and work in ways that are more in line with who you are and the impact that you want to make.

But I am noticing a distinct lack of celebration out there. Scoffs of “How important is taking time to celebrate what seems like something so insignificant in the grand scheme of things?” and “My little movements don’t deserve celebration.”

Your little movements are EXACTLY what deserve celebration. Because they don’t come easy and they don’t come cheap. And because you will make many more, so fill up your bucket in celebration: however that looks for you!

How will you champion yourself by celebrating the work you do?

go find your people

Earlier this year, I was fortunate enough (through my involvement with Digital Okanagan) to be one of the organizers for the inaugural Startup Weekend Okanagan. Reflecting back, that event is still having major rippling effects on me, my business and my community.

Being in the Okanagan for less than two years, my network had pieces of its web missing and, holy cracker smacks, was I feeling it. I missed my Toronto peeps. I missed my old colleagues. I missed being part of something bigger.

I didn’t realize it, but by committing myself to the Startup Weekend Organizing team, my roots began to grow. Connecting with the vibrant tech community locally and regionally for a weekend dedicated to building cool stuff connected me to my people. MY PEOPLE! My people are smart, creative, passionate, driven, motivated, wild and wonderful. Check out how cool they are!

So, the point I am trying to make is: you need to find your people. The ones that resonate with what you want to do, what you want to build and the impact that you want to make. The ones that are already doing it, are thinking of doing it, and have done it already.

And one way to find your people is to volunteer some of YOUR super-smarts and energy towards a cause, event, or movement. It’s out there already, or you might want to start your own.

But it’s time to leave the building and get out into the world to see what good you can do. The good you are drawn to will also draw your people.

Kick ass.

dreamboards: not just for hippies

Welcome to the first in a series of video tutorials about how to create dreamboards! In this tutorial, we cover what dreamboards are and how to create your own in low tech version: using scissors, glue and old magazines.

In this tutorial I mention:

Using music to set the mood for dreaming! Try out some of my 8tracks favourites.

Jamie Ridler‘s wonderful dreamboarding workshops.

Cheap Ikea frames for dreamboards.

Also: I mention upcoming tutorials on using Pinterest to create vision boards as well as desktop wallpaper!

Happy dreaming!



AND: if you want to double-down on the creative journalling/visioning process, check out the wonderful Lucy Knisley‘s video on how to make graphic travelogues!


that sweet dirt smell – what growing on?

the pink cosmos are excited to get growing

Have you caught a whiff of it? That sweet spring dirt smell?

Those bulbs and seeds you planted in the fall, slowly peeking above the surface. Cleaning up stray leaves and snipping back rose bushes to make room for new growth. Reinforcing stone walls that took a tumble with the winter snow.

I love the garden as a metaphor for life.

Are you starting to see tender small seedlings from the things you have planted in your life?

If not, it might be time for a clean up, weeding out things that don’t reflect the life you want. Or you can foster some of your most sacred seeds inside until they are ready to stand on their own in the world.

The spring is just beginning, think of all you could do this season to cultivate the life you want.