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Dream Boards: The Secret to Kick-ass Vision and Focus


Over the past 5 years, I have spent time each month working a dream boarding process. It’s a special time that I set aside to breathe deep and consider the things I want to bring into my life and business. An intuitive process, guided by images, words, and colours that connect with me, oftentimes I don’t completely understand the vision of the board until the month has passed.

Ohhh, all of those mountain pictures from last year meant…Aha! 

Spending time considering and connecting to the ultimate vision of your work, finances, home, art in a non-linear way helps you lean into all of your creative resources, guides your decision making and works in line with your own values.

This quick video tutorial takes you through how to create dreamboards! In this tutorial, we cover what dreamboards are and how to create your own in low tech version: using scissors, glue and old magazines.

I have moved away from scissors and glue most months and use the incredible images on Pinterest to assemble images for the month. I use Photoshop (you can try somethink like Collageit if Photoshop freaks you out) to collage the images into a screensaver.

Voila! Inspiration on your desktop!

Get Your Shit Together – Managing and Organizing Your Projects

In this episode:

We tackle staying organized in this digital/analogy information world and always moving the ball forward in our projects.

The Pinterest Vision Board Desktop Wallpaper tutorials that were FAILED to be delivered on time are rescheduled for a September Launch.

I refer to Noomii, an awesome new gig for Gunsinger Coaching and a chance to build awesome coaching community!

DOWNLOAD your printable copy of the Mini-Project Organizer here.

Looking forward to your comments!

dreamboards: not just for hippies

Welcome to the first in a series of video tutorials about how to create dreamboards! In this tutorial, we cover what dreamboards are and how to create your own in low tech version: using scissors, glue and old magazines.

In this tutorial I mention:

Using music to set the mood for dreaming! Try out some of my 8tracks favourites.

Jamie Ridler‘s wonderful dreamboarding workshops.

Cheap Ikea frames for dreamboards.

Also: I mention upcoming tutorials on using Pinterest to create vision boards as well as desktop wallpaper!

Happy dreaming!



AND: if you want to double-down on the creative journalling/visioning process, check out the wonderful Lucy Knisley‘s video on how to make graphic travelogues!


timely tools and keepin’ on track

These days, I am wondering who doesn’t have difficulty staying on task, getting things done or feeling like they got enough done (or the right things, or, or, bloody or…). In the words of sweet, dreamy, Ben Harper, “I’d rather find out who you are than who you are not.” Or, in non-musical terms, let’s find out what you aredoing, not what you aren’t.

Because a never-ending to-do list will drive you to the LOL cats.

And paying attention to what you are accomplishing, working on, and getting done (instead of what’s left on the list) will keep you fuelled up.

Here are two cool tools that are so simple, they stick.

  • Week-at-a-Glance printable  via @JournalingMrs simplifies your week into just a couple of boxes. Print out a stack and keep track of your week. After a few weeks, you will have some great data about what you are doing.
What are you doing to stay organized? I would love to hear your dirt-simple tricks that keep you rolling forward!

P.S. I would bet, that even though you may not feel like it, you are doing the best you can.