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3 Reasons to Be Like The Cookie Monster

Cookie Monster is a kick-ass muppet. Not only is C for Cookie (and that’s good enough for me), he gets to play with all the cool kids. Song of the summer 2012? The Top 40 Version of Cookie Monster’s remix “Share it Maybe” topped the charts for kids and kids-at-heart.

I love that furry little cookie-eating freak and here’s why you need to get in touch with your inner Cookie Monster:

1. Fierce Intensity:  Coffee cake with frosting, doesn’t phase Cookie Monster. He loves cookies. Cookies, dammit! What if you loved, learned, lived and led with that sort of fierce intensity?

Laser focus: Cooooookie. *pew pew* (<–laser gun noises)

He’s going out to get his cookies.

2. Gluttonous Satisfaction: The website 1000 Awesome Things named Eating Cookies Like Cookie Monster it’s #935th Awesome Thing. According to 1000 Awesome Things:

Eating cookies like Cookie Monster is great because, more than anything, it represents freedom. Yes, free thought takes you to the pantry, free will makes you grab that cookie package and sit down on the couch, and free Wonder Years reruns keep you company while you sit down and enjoy. You’re the Executive Chef in your personal Dessert Kitchen here. Just tell me that’s not liberating.

It doesn’t need to be cookies, but what do you just go to town on because it represents freedom? Paint? The dance floor? Sunday gameathons? Y’know what I am sayin’?

3. Love love love: Amongst pieces of cookies flying, mashed into his black mouth and tossed overhead in the revelry of cookie acquisition, there is always a moment with Cookie Monster. The moment when he realizes that he has been in a cookie-makeout coma and that there are other friends (plush, virtual or other) around. His googley eyes say:

Oops. Sorry, I got caught up there. Want some of the thing THAT I LOVE MOST IN THIS WORLD?

For that, you are a muppet among mice, Cookie Monster. May we all share so willingly.

Happy Friday. Get fiercely intense, gluttonously satisfied and give love, love, love.