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Creating Spaces

Your Business. Your Adventure. Your Space. 

You don’t want to have the same life or business as anyone else.  You need someone who will push you to your limits and kick your ass.

Doing the business planning process the traditional way is guesswork, soul-sucking and terrifying. You end up with a plan that feels like a bunch of lies that you tell yourself and your banker!

Are you ready for something different? Something better?

Creating Spaces is a 6-month individual coaching program for:

– entrepreneurs

– cubicle warriors

– adventure-dreamers

Creating Spaces is the program that brings all of your creative, beautiful, and crazy ideas into your business plan while:

-avoiding the typical dry business plan suckfest and

-winning the mind game

 – so you can bust through the hardest part of creating a boundary-pushing plan.

In Creating Spaces you will:

Month One: Create Your Space! Create a solid plan for your project or business that pulls from who you are, the impact you want to make and all of your beautiful and crazy ideas. The Creating Spaces plan is visual, creative, and builds a strong connection between your vision and what you are creating.

Month Two: Take Action! Move forward from your vision, create goals, collect data, test, and take more steps while being held accountable to what you are creating and getting feedback along the way.

Month Three: Long Term Plan! Validate your ideas, come back to your plan, adopt any changes, create your strategy for the next three months and put rubber to the road! Coaching calls focus on planning, pivots and accountability.

Months Three to Six: Stay on track, accountable and in resonance with your plan with monthly coaching calls.

Can’t wait to fall in love with a plan that loves you back?  

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If you are a good fit, I will contact you directly to arrange a time for your private session.

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