creating spaces workbook

You have dreams and ideas and sparkly fog around something that you are hungry to create in your life. It might be a business,  a special project that you have had your eye on, a relationship or your whole life.

Creating Spaces is a printable, downloadable visual planning workbook that begins exactly where you are today and coaches you through mapping and developing a plan to feed that hunger. Creating Spaces gets you to a solid, actionable plan by way of letting loose and getting messy, unwinding and unbuttoning, pondering and playing, all the while, embracing what is important to you about bringing this dream or idea further into reality.

Here’s what’s in the workbook:

  • A place for you to get clear on what you already know about the space in your life that you are going to build.
  • How to explore, investigate and bask in the importance to YOU of this space.
  • Space to physically map the area that you are going to build: with landmarks and details and components that beat to your heart.
  • Create and execute concrete plans and steps that move your space into reality.

Creating Spaces is available for download and can be downloaded free-of-charge.

Click here to download the workbook.

Reviews of Creating Spaces..

“I felt very comfortable and safe to let my creative side out to play!  I am thankful for all the wonderful insight and gems I took away!”     Lisa Bertschy, RMT

“I could never have been so excited about moving this forward if it ended up as a few paragraphs on a page!  Even though I consider myself a non-artistic person, I am absolutely thrilled with my “picture” – it inspires my story, my vision, and is moving me forward.”     Helene Egan, Voila Coaching

“I downloaded the Creating Spaces playbook and have been playing with it with clients! It’s a motivating way to begin Monday morning and our coaching calls!”     Internal Corporate Coach