small is stupid

This I believe:

Playing small is stupid.

Let me be clear. Small THINGS (small business, micro movements, mini-golf,  seedlings, my nonna) are not stupid. Small PLACES (cubbies and nests and nooks) are not stupid. YOU are not stupid.

The game. The story. The belief. That you need to be small: is stupid.

What would this world be like if we got past our bullshit? No more: “Ah, oh, I dunno. Could I? Can I? Dare I?” nail biting. hemming and hawing: bullshit. What would be left over?

Just: what you WANT and what gives you JOY?

The Small is Stupid Manifesto:

Playing small hurts. It hurts to live anything than the life you love with your whole heart.

If you are not reaching completely into your potential: you are missing opportunities to serve the world.

You can do what you want. Give yourself permission to stand up into the life that you want, no one else will do this for you.

Even hiding in the shadows, you will get hurt. Get hurt for what matters: risk failure for the big things.

You can be scared. You can be stuck. You can be still. Just don’t be small.

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