Gunsinger Coaching Website Headers-FINAL (Testimonials)


I can’t say enough positive things about my working relationship with Cynthia Gunsinger. I began looking for a creative coach when I started writing my first book The Handmade Marketplace. I interviewed several people and have never looked back on my decision to go with Cynthia. The enthusiasm she brought with her as my creative coach is what kept me going on days when I felt my own creativity was low. She is kind and gentle and yet her ability to be tough when I needed her to be served both me and my project. I highly recommend her and would work with her again in a heartbeat. Kari Chapin Nixon. Stylist and best-selling author of’s #1 craft book of 2010, “The Handmade Marketplace”  New Hampshire

As a startup founder, I wanted someone to have authentic conversations with, bounce ideas around with, and get feedback. I needed someone who would honestly listen and understand my business idea. I also really wanted other perspectives so I could be more effective in my work. Cynthia took time to understand my business and personal values and because we had a formal coaching relationship in place: the quality of the conversations, dialogue, and decisions were far more meaningful. Cynthia always made sure we moved from the cerebral to setting appropriate time-based action steps and defining smart goals. We set real and aggressive goals to really improve the business. Weekly and monthly accountabilities were identified, accomplished and measured – invaluable in a start up! Working with Cynthia, I grew incredibly as a business person. I went from having an idea for a business with a handful of clients to a defined, viable, operating business with a dedicated office, team, and eager clients. In the 4 months I worked with Cynthia, my revenue doubled and I went from operating at local level to working with regional and now international companies. Sam Shepler, Founder and CEO, Skyscope Creative, Massachusetts

Coaching with Cynthia, I have fully stepped into my purpose. I am taking a seven-month sabbatical and am off on an incredible adventure to retrace my English grandmother’s steps between marrying my grandfather and finally reuniting with him in Canada after World War II. The timing of coaching couldn’t have been more perfect: I have all the skills required to integrate this adventure into my life and it feels like everything is possible. Working together, we celebrated successes and Cynthia held fierce accountability, adding more than I could have done on my own.  Writing and blogging was a huge focus and I now have followers and people getting excited about my story. Through coaching I got out of my own way and kicked saboteurs to the curb. I took my time and stopped comparing myself to others, which let me see possibility and opportunities. This is huge and I couldn’t have done this alone! Carly Butler, Photographer and Blogger at, London, U.K.

I needed a bit of an ass-kicking. I had a bunch of things that I wanted to accomplish and needed someone to keep me on track and focused. Cynthia gave me clear direction and accountabilities. Held my feet to the fire and made me aware of at least two saboteurs so far that have been holding me back. I have an understanding of what happens when those saboteurs show up, how to manage them and what they need, and move them out of the way when they are not serving me.We have worked towards a fully developed business, my website is up and business is moving forward. I have a balanced budget! I have gotten new clients. We have identified solid values and my life purpose. Cynthia helped me reinforce my relationship with my husband as well. Gillian Rowinski, HR Manager at Nature’s Path Foods and Founder Grow Coaching, Vancouver

Cynthia is a talented coach who brings years of experience in the corporate world. I found her approach to be personable, motivating, inspiring and enriching. She really brings in alot of personal experience and I loved her references to inspiring books, authors and other mentors to assist me in visualizing where I saw myself heading with my personal and business visions. Her style is very casual, open and I immediately felt at ease. I have worked with coaches many years her senior and enjoyed her modern current approach which really was a breath of fresh air! Thank you for your inspiration and support with my vision! Alexandra Leikermoser, Eco Designer and Founder, Yogagurl  Toronto

Cynthia is extremely intuitive! It is amazing how she can name the thoughts and feelings I have during the sessions, so that I get a much clearer understanding of the situation I am being coached on. Spot on. Cynthia is very flexible and mindful of my agenda. During sessions, she is able to switch the coaching topic on the spot and coach what is currently going on for me. I am very grateful for that. Sometimes a coaching topic arises minutes before the session and it is possible for me to take this to my session and jump right into it. Even though we have never met physically, I had a high level of trust with Cynthia from the beginning. This is something which I usually grant other people only after building a relationship for some time. I feel comfortable talking with Cynthia about difficult situations, and she challenges me to DO something about it. So after each session I have an action plan for the task at hand. Rainer HoferichterConsultant Change Support and Project Coaching at Daimler, Germany